Raiding future and present in Legion for Casuls

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Raiding future and present in Legion for Casuls

Post by Casul on Sun Dec 11, 2016 8:07 am

A huge part of our guild are unmotivated to raid the same content over and over, our plan was never to raid Mythic, so we don't really feel like raiding the same HC content each week. We are intent and motivated to raid Nighthold once it comes out though, so we will be back for that once the date for Nighthold is announced. We understand that this might be inconvenient for a lot of you, if you were hoping to raid every week, and we apologize. We understand if you decide to leave Casuls and try your luck elsewhere. Some of us will be online from to time just doing random stuff, but probably not raiding of any kind. If you do decide to stay with us for Nighthold, that is cool, if not, it's understandable! We had a good run so far, and hope to continue it in the next raid tier. And whatever you decide to do, I and everyone else wish you the best of luck! As said, the day we cleared HC EN was a special day, and a great accomplishment.


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