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Post by Admin on Wed Sep 28, 2016 2:48 pm

Casuls is a newly started guild formed by old returning players. Atleast in the beginning we are aiming for a somewhat casual progression. The intent is that playing the game should be possible outside of work and so on.

We will be raiding wedensday from 1800-2300 ish. And 1600-2300 ish on Sundays. We are also planning on having a raid day where we raid only if there happens to be enough people, but we will se how that goes. The only times you will be required to attend is wedensday and sunday. We will be doing mythic plus and so on, but this will be more "on the fly" and not planned events. Atleast not in the beginning.

As for the social aspect, the rules are quite simple. Don't be a dick, and have a thick skin. What goes on in the discord can be immature, offending or gross but never ment to actually hurt anyone. Not me or anyone else is gonna bother with drama.

We won't really enforce a strict leadership. All members are initially equal, and all members will have more or less the same rights. In example, everyone can use guild bank, but only officers may invite people. In short, administrative powers are for officers only. We will also operate with a raidleader, naturally. When he speaks, we shut up.

We are using Discord for cummunication.


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